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Games AI

I have been developing games since I was a young child and first learned the basics of programming. From those formative years I have continued to build games of varying complexities. However, as a result of my undergraduate degree in Computer Science, my passion for games programming has been more focused on games AI. Consequently I have developed a number of AI frameworks, run national and international games AI programming competitions and consulted on a few commercial AI projects.

Here, I explore some of the AI competitions and games that I have recently worked on...


Contract Experience

Risk & Insurance Modelling

As an expert in risk modelling and insurance, I have worked in the area for over 10 years. Some of more high profile projects that I have worked in include work with South West Water and Mouchel as well as other large national organisations. Recent projects include asset risk assessment and maintenance planning, flood risk analysis, risk mapping, insurance evaluation and insurance bidding prediction. With a excellent understanding of the industry and experience in a wide variety of data analysis, classification and optimisation technologies, I provide a unique perspective on risk mapping and modelling.

Note: a new modelling tool for country scale mapping will be announced shortly.

Academic Projects

About Me

I started at the University of Exeter in October 2008 and completed my PhD in Computer Science in October 2012. My PhD project was funded by an EPSRC CASE Studentship in collaboration with Mouchel. Before starting my PhD studies I obtained a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Exeter in 2006. During my PhD I conducted research into a number of areas, including: hyper-heuristics; Evolutionary (optimization) Algorithms (e.g., Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Strategies, etc.); and other optimization techniques.


In my PhD I developed a novel hyper-heuristic optimisation algorithm, designed specifically for difficult and expensive-to-evaluate real-world optimisation problems. Using my PhD research, I have applied optimisation to real-world optimisation problems from hydro-informatics. Primarily, the Water Distribution Network design problem. In addition to applying optimisation, I have worked on risk analysis tools, maintenance scheduling rules and flood risk mapping software.



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